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The Lost Communities of the Kingdom of Xweda
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Lost Communities Exhibit

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Traditional Tapestry

Alphonse Yémadjè, artist.A key feature of the Lost Communities exhibit is an enormous appliqué quilt illustrating the destruction of the Xwéda by King Agadja of Dahomey . Appliqué tapestries are characteristic of the local Fon culture, commemorating important events or ideas and supporting those who guard oral histories in keeping these memories alive. This particular piece was designed and created by Mr. Alphonse YÉMADJÈ, who for his artistic genius and service to his country was awarded the Order of Merit of Benin in 1992 by President SOGLO. The quilt is made using hand-woven cotton cloth. Mr. YÉMADJÈ's based the quilt scene on oral histories describing the fall of Savi and visits to archaeological excavations during the 2005 field season.